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July 17, 2013
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"Hey, Tavros?"
"Uh, yeah?"
"Do you believe in fate?"
"I'm... not sure..."
"A few days ago, I read in a book that fate is impossible to escape. That no matter how hard you try or how far you run, fate will always find you."
"Uh, why are you telling me this?..."
"Because...I want to escape mine."

~earlier that day~

Your name is Abiska Aolinn and you are almost 8 sweeps old. You work in the Paddy field with most of the other trolls of your small village. Although tiny, it is one of the largest producers of rice in the country. As soon as you were old enough to understand, you were sent out to work with all the others. Every morning you wake up with the sun, ready to work for another day.

"Abiska! Get your lazy ass out of bed!" You groan as the village leader pulls the blankets off of you. "It is two hours past sunrise, you pathetic troll!" He shouts. "Your right, I'm pathetic, and horrible. Leave me to wallow in my sadness and repent for my actions." You mumble sarcastically, rolling over and clutching the small pillow close to your body for warmth. "This is serious! Blue bloods are looking for you!" You quickly sit up in your bed with look of disbelief. "Is this some sort trick to get me up?" You ask. Just then two trolls dressed in body armor walk into your tent. "Abiska Aolinn?" You nod slowly. "Get dressed, you're coming with us." You scramble to your feet, quickly pulling your pants on over your underwear and your black shirt over your tank-top. With the alchemic symbol for death, printed on it in your lime green blood. "Hurry up." One guard says, turning to leave with the other. You look at your leader who motions for you to follow them. You nod in response and run to catch up with them.

You walk close behind them out of the village, trying to avoid the questioning stares. You reach a carriage and one guard turns to face you. "Hold out your arms." You do as he says and he binds your hands tightly with rope. "What is this for?" You ask, wincing as you try moving your hands. The guard doesn't answer, instead, he shoves you inside the carriage. You grunt as you land on the floor and the door slammed shut. With a tug, the carriage starts moving. You slowly sat up, feeling sick at the sight of blood that stained everything within. "Oh gog..." you whisper; fear making you shiver slightly. "I'm going to die..."

You don't bother getting up to sit on the seat, you simply lean back on the wall and pull your knees up to your chest. It is painful, but you manage to maneuver your arms around your legs. You hide your face in your knees and thought for a moment. How far is the castle? You aren't going that fast so it should take some time right? You decide you have enough time, and close your eyes as lime green tinted tears start to form in the corners of your eyes. You decide this will be the only time for you cry. If you are going to die, you will die with your head held high. You won't let them have the pleasure of seeing you in pain.

After half a day of silent crying, the carriage jerks to a stop and your eyes quickly open. You carefully pull your legs out of your arms' hold and wipe away your tears. The door opens and a guard pulls you out by your arm. You stumble to catch yourself and stand up. Your eyes widen at the sight of the large castle that stood before you. You thought for sure your entire village could live in it and never see one another. You don't have time to take it all in, as the guard pull you forward. You stumble a bit but kept balance.
The large gates opened, and you are pulled toward the broad building. Two vast doors are pushed open and you are dragged into the main room. The smell was enough to make you sick, make your knees feel weak from the smell of blood. You never look up from your feet as you are thrown down to your knees. You stare down at your hands, the gray skin on your wrists was rubbed raw. "Unbind her." A booming voice commands. You feel as if you are going to be sick, as bile rises in your throat.

A guard grabs your arm and cuts the rope, letting your now free hands drop limply onto your lap. "Look at me." The voice commands you. You close your eyes and slowly shake your head. "Look at me!" He yells, and you flinch. "You are shaking." He observes, "Are you afraid of me?" You clench your fists, begging yourself not to cry. You shake your head again. "Speak! Are you afraid of me?!" He shouts. "N-no.." you whisper. "What?!" "No!" You look up at the large troll. He is sitting on his throne, slouching with a large club at his side. His lengthy horns spiraled up, which passed his messy head of hair. Making him look even larger than he already was. You recognize him with his strange clown makeup as the Grand High Blood. "No..." you repeat, "I'm not afraid." You sound more like you are trying to convince yourself more than him. He grins, amused by your attempts of bravery. "Interesting..." he mumbles. "Kurloz!" The door opens and another male troll walks in the room. He too obtain a large mess of hair, long horns, and strange clown makeup; but you also notice the stitching that keep his mouth shut. He looks at you, seeming a bit surprised. "I brought you a present, Kurloz. Do with her whatever you wish." The High Blood says, standing to leave the room.

The other troll, Kurloz, walks over to you and you slowly stand. He looks about your age and is a good head taller than you. You bow before him in respect. "Hello, my name is Abiska Aolinn. It's a pleasure to meet you!" You say, trying to hide the fear in your voice. You feel him gently touch your shoulder and you look up at him. 'My name is Kurloz Makara.' He signs. He widens his eyes in realization and slaps the palm of his hand to his head, looking around for someone to translate. "Oh, so you are the high blood's son?" You ask. Kurloz look surprised and nods. 'You could understand me?' He asks. "Oh yes, it is my responsibility to be able to understand all trolls." You tell him. He smiles a little, stretching the stitches on his lips. You wince a little. "Do they hurt? Your stitches, I mean..." you ask curiously. He shrugs and shakes his head. "That's good. I was worried." You say with a smile, forgetting the fear you should be feeling.

"Hey, bro, have you seen- oh who's this motherfucker?" You flinch at the sound of a new voice. "Uh, Gamzee, I think we are interrupting them." A small a meek voice says. You see two new trolls walk in the room. One tall with messy black hair, large horns, and clown makeup. The other was much shorter, with wide horns and a mohawk. You decide the tall boy must be another son, but the smaller one, you were unsure about. Kurloz looks at the boys and waves. 'This is Abiska. Abiska, this is my brother Gamzee and his friend Tavros.' He tells you. "Sup, sis?" Gamzee asks with a distant smile. "Uh, it's nice to meet you, Abiska." Tavros says with a shy smile. He seems to be hiding behind Gamzee, peeking out at you. "You may call me Abi." You inform him with a kind smile. He returns the gesture with a bit more confidence, as he slightly comes out from his hiding place.

A female guard walks into the room, causing the smile to fade from everyone's face. "Sirs, your father wishes to speak with you." She says. "Alright, motherfucker, we'll be there in a sec." Gamzee says as Kurloz nods in agreement. 'I'll see you later, Abi.' Kurloz signs before following the woman out of the room. Gamzee turns to Tavros and kisses his head before he follows his brother along with the guard. "See ya later, sis." He says to you with a slight wave.

Tavros blushed and tried to cover the spot on his head when you glanced at him. "You two are more than friends, aren't you?" You ask. His blush grows darker. "Uh, well, I don't know if I would say that." He says, hiding his face. You smile and chuckled a bit. "We should probably get to bed, it is getting late." Tavros says, running the back of his neck. "I'm not sure where I'm sleeping." You tell him. "Um, I think you're staying in my room for now. If, uh, that's ok with you." He says, leading you into the hall. You are relieved knowing that the main room is the only one covered with blood.

You walk in silence through the many halls and up a flight of stairs before you reach his room. He opens the door and lets you inside. The room isn't huge but is much larger than how your little tent was. A single bed is against the wall, other than that the room was empty. "I'll sleep on the floor" you told him, seeing his distress about the small bed. "A-are you sure? I, uh, can sleep on the floor." He says. "No, it's fine. I'm used to sleeping on the floor anyways. All I need is a pillow and blanket." You replied with a grin. He nods and begins laying blankets and pillows next to his bed. As he kneels down, you notice the shine of metal on his legs. "Uh, is, this ok?" You smiled and looked at the makeshift bed before sit down. "Thank you, Tavros." He replies back with a smile then nods. As he went to turn the lights off, you removed your shirt, leaving your tank top on. You pull the covers over you and close your eyes, feeling Tavros walk over you to get to his own bed. "Hey, Tavros?" You ask quietly. "Uh, yeah?" He replies, turning to face you. "Do you believe in fate?" You ask him, opening your eyes. "I'm... not sure..." he says with a slight pause. "A few days ago, I read in a book that fate is impossible to escape. That no matter how hard you try, or how far you run, fate will always find you." You tell him, turning to lay on your back. "Uh, why are you telling me this?" He asks, sounding a bit worried. There is a slight pause before you answer. "Because...I want to escape mine." You whispered as you slowly let yourself fall into a deep slumber.
Yay! Finally got over my writers block!
Fanific I got the idea about while listening to music
Big thanks to :iconninjagirlkikio: for editing this for me!
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This is so great!!! I love how you put PB&J in ;) This story is already full of miracles ;o)
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I am, I just have been really busy with work and life. Life ruins all my plans. 
haha I hear ya. Take your time ^_^ hope all goes well for you!
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This is as awesome as Prussia
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10x better wth PBJ :'D OTP *SQUEALS~~*

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